I was particularly moved by the strong spiritual and cultural relationship that Amazonian people still maintainwith with their land today. However, their loosely protected rights are extremely vulnerable to commercial agriculture and oil extraction. ILC seeks to provide basic tools to ensure food security, as well as economic opportunity. During my stay in Ecuador, an unlikely series of events that led me to stay with Nichik and her family, pictured above, for a couple days. Without electricity or running water, they rely on their land for everything. Their food, their shelter, their medicine. Everything. With the constant threat of losing their land to oil companies and cattle farms, this past year they were thankful to reach an agreement that will protect them and future generations from encroaching businesses, enabling them to maintain their simple way of life.


Home-deliveries without skilled clinical assistance is the primary reason why Haiti has the highest maternal mortality rate in the Western Hemisphere. Following the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that claimed the lives of more than 150,000 men, women, and children, the University of Colorado and Global Health Connections Inc. constructed a Maternity Center to aid women seeking medical attention. The majority of Haitian people often cannot pay for basic medical services, where supplies and services are often given away for free.

For each Haiti-related purchase, 100% of the profits will go directly to the CAMEJO Maternal Center, and every $25 raised will support one sterile hospital birth.


Mending Faces provides free surgical correction for impoverished Filipino children inflicted with cleft lip and cleft palates, who otherwise would not have a chance for surgery. Children born with these deformities are often considered outcasts in their community and are unable to go to school or seek employment.  The reparative surgery that Mending Faces provides, at no charge, vastly improves the lives of each child by giving them the opportunity to not only become productive members of their society, but also the ability to live healthier lives. To date, Mending Faces has performed more than 400 life-changing operations, which are largely made possible because of self-funded physicians and nurses.  Additionally, these volunteers train local physicians and nurses so that they may also begin to provide adequate medical and surgical care for these children in the future.

For each Philippines-related purchase, 100% of the profits will directly support the 2015 Mending Faces Mission to Kalibo, Philippines.


Do you need a lot of what you’ve got to survive?

Shoes help to protect children from cuts, infection, and disease. Furthermore, shoes are often required for children to attended school, where education is a major key to success, allowing even those who are severely disadvantaged to gain mobility and transcend the effects of poverty. In partnership with Global Health Connections, we are collecting shoes that will be donated and distributed to the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, it resulted in the loss of more than 150,000 people, leaving a large number of children without parents. When these children are not in classes, it is common to find them running outside in the dirt fields, playing basketball and soccer with their friends.  

There is no cost to donate shoes.