A Colorado Winter

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Perfect timing is how I would describe my return back to Colorado. Although it was a cold adjustment, I welcomed the downpour of snow that the mountains regularly received, enabling me to get the most out of my first season pass in five years. By the 2014 season’s end, I had made it up to the mountains thirty times, a new personal record. In the process of shaking off the rust, it was fun getting back to what I know best, and no longer pretending to be a California surfer. Along the way, I was able to capture a few worthwhile photos and even a couple of videos. I witnessed one friend master the backflip, and another dislocate his shoulder on the first run of the season. Among several photos taken, it surprises many to learn that my favorite photo, the one looking down the Gore River with patches of snow resting on top the flowing water, was in fact taken from a bus stop in Vail, Colorado. Moments later, I hopped onto the Red Line headed to Vail Mountain for another wonderful day of skiing.


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  1. T. Remington
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    Awesome photos Kevo, you’re the man

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