The Channel Islands

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It was Memorial Day, 2014. That evening, I left my sister’s beachside college house and boarded a train headed north from San Diego to Ventura. Upon arrival, I managed to catch a ride to the harbor where I found myself an empty bunk beneath the ship’s deck. My sleeping area was slightly larger than a coffin, leaving me exactly no room to lean forward or move from side to side. Nevertheless, it was a free night’s stay, and something I appreciated. The next morning, at approximately 6:00 am, we departed for Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park. I had never done four dives in one afternoon. Nitrogen decompression sickness? After our third dive, I was absolutely exhausted, but the variety of sea life – colorful fish, sea lions, and overwhelming number of lobsters – offered more than enough excitement to drag me back in.

Having spent the past summer in Thailand and Indonesia, many had doubted what the frigid waters of the Pacific California had to offer; however, they were all sorely mistaken. The dynamic kelp bed forests were unlike anything I had ever seen, enabling visitors to swim through the tunnels and channels that rapidly changed shape and size. Colorful fish did exist in abundance, as well as the occasional sting ray and bat ray. Furthermore, I had never seen so many lobsters in my life, some of which were larger than my Yorkshire Terrier back at home. It was almost kind of eerie seeing so many eyes staring back at you…

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